Smiffys FX Greasepaint Face Paint Crayons Set

All kinds of ideas are just waiting to come out with this FX Greasepaint from Smiffys!This set of greasepaint face crayons are ideal for all kinds of face painting projects, ranging from Halloween parties to going onto the stage. Using the variety of different colours, the paint blends together well and tends to leave behind a shiny, glossy finish that can be gently mattified with face powder.From creepy clowns to pretty princesses, this greasepaint collection is perfect for easy application and unique designs. Whether youre adding on the final details to your face paint or introducing little quirks and cool designs, these six crayons are the easy solution to popping on those bits and bobs.No matter the occasion, from parties to carnivals, make the most of your costumes with this great painting must-have!The Smiffys FX range gained the Hypoallergenic, Non Toxic and Easy to Remove labels so face paint and make-up enthusiasts can rest assured that they will not only look the most vibrant, detailed or scariest character with Smiffys, but the safest too!Contains six colours.Long-lasting.Oil-based makeup.Smiffys Carnival FX Greasepaint 6 Pack

Smiffys FX Greasepaint Face Paint Crayons Set

Smiffys FX Greasepaint Face Paint Crayons Set – £5



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