Smiffys Halloween Face Paint Kit

Create creepy characters with this Halloween Face Paint Kit!This Halloween, transform those faces into freaky expressions and dastardly designs! Finish off your costumes with this bundle fake blood, ghastly make-up and detailing brushes! This bright collection is the perfect addition to your costume stash create open wounds, leering eyes and more!This collection contains eight pans of bright colours, with four coloured crayons to scrawl across your skin. To pad it out, the kit contains a set of sponges, detailers and brushes to carve out your character. The set also contains a horror flesh primer paint, which can be used to dab out a canvas on your face and make your fake blood and colours show up!Includes Two Sponges, Four Grease Crayons, Eight Aqua Face Paints, Two Applicators, Two Brushes, Two Blood Capsules and Blood Tube and Horror FleshFake Blood Tube Amount: 20 mlHorror Flesh Tube Amount: 20 mlSmiffys Halloween Face Paint Kit

Smiffys Halloween Face Paint Kit

Smiffys Halloween Face Paint Kit – £10



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