Smiffys Liquid Latex 28.3 ml

Transform yourself and all your friends and family into freakish horror film characters or magical monsters with Smiffy’s Liquid Latex. Create impressive special effects from scary scars to fiendish moulds with this easy to use make-up pot.Apply the liquid to your chosen area with a sponge or paintbrush and create flat wounds with just one layer or layer up with tissue paper to create larger gouges. Once dry the latex will solidify to a rubber consistency, gentle piece and tear the latex to form the desired shape of an open wound or feature and finish off with paint or make up and blend for an authentic look!Create open wounds, scars and fantastic special effectsApply to skin and layer up if neededFinish with fake blood and make upCan be shaped, cut and moulded easily to create the desired effectEasy to useCreate a range of features! Contains one third latex, two thirds water and ammonia to keep the latex from spoilingSmiffy’s Liquid Latex 28.3 ml

Smiffys Liquid Latex 28.3 ml

Smiffys Liquid Latex 28.3 ml – £3



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