Smiffys Retractable Face Paint Crayon Sticks

With these Retractable Greasepaint Crayons from Smiffys, deliver long-lasting results and amazing shapes!Keep your paints undented with the retractable mechanism, allowing you the freedom to take them anywhere. Greasepaint is perfect for special occasions and parties, but also is ideal for stage and acting.The colour pigment in greasepaint is bright and vivid and tends to be sweat and waterproof. To keep it from fading, simply apply face powder to your face (taking card that its the same colour as your face paint!)Afterwards, simply wash away with soap and water!Includes 8 Crayons.Retractable mechanism for easy storage.Colours include: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, White, Green, Brown and Purple.Smiffys Retractable Greasepaint Crayons 8 Pack

Smiffys Retractable Face Paint Crayon Sticks

Smiffys Retractable Face Paint Crayon Sticks – £5



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